Curriculum – The Woods


In a thematic or big picture way, our experiential offerings follow the natural cycle through the 8 directions and the 8 Attributes of Connection (from the 8 Shields institute).  Activities and content are designed to connect participants with themselves, with nature, and with their community, while exposing them to core routines, academic information, and hands on inquiry.

E – Welcoming, Core Routines, Common Sense, Hazards, Inner Happiness

SEMotivating Species, Catching Stories, Aliveness & Agility, Vitality

SMammals, Tracking, Unconditional Listening, Focus, Mentoring

SWPlants, Wandering, Mapping, Empathy & Respect for Nature

WEcology, Indicator Species, Gathering & Celebrating, Being Truly Helpful

NWHeritage Species, Ancestry, Reflection & Connection, Awe & Wonder

NSurvival Skills, Trees, Wisdom, Perspective, Gratitude, Love & Compassion

NEBirds, Sensory Awareness, Intuition, Quiet Mind, Presence, & Creativity

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